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What we do

I-Engage is a Singapore firm that provides public seminars and workshops, many which are free to attend and non-ticketed to provide accessible and affordable education to working professionals.


Our seminars and workshops are curated and we only work with the best speakers and experts in each industry to ensure the quality of its educational approach. Designed to be simple, relevant and engaging, our seminars and workshops revolve around current topics that are both interesting and applicable for working adults.

what we offer

Workplace Education

Enhance your workforce's knowledge through engaging and useful training by our experienced speakers.

Joint seminars

Value-add to your existing seminars and workshops by supplementing with relevant topics provided by our team. 

enrichment courses

Prepare seminar/workshop participants to take on challenges from today's society with practical and current knowledge.

Our Topics

Health and wellness
living a healthy life
to its fullest
  • Heart Disease plus CPRAED

  • Cholesterol - Seeing is Believing

  • Hypertension plus Profile

Past success

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