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Financial Literacy

Chart a course to financial freedom

Insurance Auditing

Are you paying more than necessary? Is your current coverage suitable for your needs?

 We review your current portfolio and give you an indication on how relevant and efficient your current portfolio is. In fact, we alert you when you overpay.

Will Writing

Gain professional knowledge on how will writing allows you to plan your legacy for your love ones.

Married to CPF


Stay updated on the latest changes to CPF, what it means to you and how can you make huge profits via investment.

Navigating Through

personal Financial Maze

Be in the know regarding the difference between different medical, life and endowment plans by major institutions.

7 Habits of successful investors

Find out more about the leading investor in the world and how you can mirror his investment habit.

Insurance with Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Understanding how having pre-existing medical conditions can affect your insurance.

THe A to Z of investment

From philosophies, strategies to techniques, learn all about investing in today's economy.

Secrets behind Travel Insurance

Understanding your coverage, the do's and don'ts of the claiming procedure to better utilize your travel insurance.

Being Wealthy;

A matter of Choice

Master your financial futures with a tried and proven step by step process and mindset.

Avoid Insurance


Understand how certain insurance policies can be Cancelled by the insurance companies, and how to avoid such risk.

Education, the best Gift for your Child

Prepare for your child's education by planning ahead, and understand their costs, and how to finance them 

Preparing for Recession Financially

Learn more about recession, how it affects your wealth and how you can survive it, and even emerge wealthier than before.

What you will get
  • Speakers with Over 12 Years Experience

  • Factual and Current Financial and legal Knowledge

  • Practical Insights with Case Studies

  • Applicable Techniques to Manage Your Finances Better

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